Today I got closer to loosening up, but I’m still not there. In fact, far from it.


It looks like I’m gonna have to start all over, fresh, and maybe even forget about having a reference. I think I will try to finish this one first. Keep practicing on it. Might as well see what I can do with it now that I started it. I’ll probably wind up over working it, which would be okay with me as long as it went into the direction I have in my mind.

It’s hard to paint what you have in your mind. Some artists think it’s impossible, but I disagree. I can get it pretty close most of the time. It’s just not easy.

Anyway, I just popped in to show this work in progress. I’m not proud of it yet. Not sure if I ever will be, or what. Maybe I’ll be moving onto something else on Thursday.  I won’t be in the studio tomorrow (I don’t think). I did use my AC today and it was so nice!

I’ve also been off cigarettes six weeks today! I can’t believe it.

And that’s the news.

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