Ahhhhh! This heat is crazy! We are in the middle of a “mini” heat wave right now in Los Angeles and it is sucking butt. It’s kinda killing me. The heat is making me soooooo tired. Everything is in slow motion. You can’t take 2 steps outside without singing the bottom of your feet. Going outside is like being baked alive. If it kills me I hope to come back as a cake. Mmm.

I am still working on the big Lapland piece. Little bits at a time, and slowly but surely, it will come together. I just have to stay as focused as possible on this one, while at the same time try my best to crank out other smaller pieces. I had to bring the Lapland piece into the house because the garage is so hot, it is a kind of ancient torture chamber in there.

I have been working more on my black hole series on panels. I managed to finish one and start another. I usually make the black holes out of industrial manila pattern paper, paint it black and then stick it onto the panel with clear polymer. Then, as always these days, I make little me’s on them in pencil and oils. Why have I been doing this so much? I have no fucking clue! I wonder if I’m some kind of ego maniac. Me! me! me!

I actually really consider them girls when I’m making them. Sure they are self portraits of sorts, as all art really is to some degree or another, but I think these bitches are more about my dilemma with being female, relating to other woman, and trying to understand what sort of female identity I can’t ever decide I want to be.

Oh! I wanted to mention this great-great-great (Sorry, the heat has stolen my ability to think up better adjectives.) blog I found called My Love For You. HOURS of art, illustration, sculpture, animation, jewelry, accessories, and fun! Perhaps many of you already know about it, but Things seem to all blend together for me – there are just so many art websites these days. Once I found it, I knew I had to add it to my list for my web wasting time right away.

Meighan is the name of the babe that runs the joint, and she updates often. There are sometimes several blog posts a day. She is an art lover all right, and it shows. I love the site, and the title. You should too: My Love For You

One thought on “HEAT!

  1. YaYa May 22, 2008 / 9:10 pm

    oh dear, these are super great! What a wonderful new feeling on the new paintings. Congratulations, my friend!

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