I Heart Blick

Lately, I’ve been working on a commission for one of my collectors in Chicago. I’m pretty into it since it’s a Kabbalah tree of life diagram, you know, Carol Es style. Or at least done with a bit of my flair to it. But now I’m going to be working on two of them since I couldn’t decide on the background for it. I’ll be giving him the choice of the two of them and I can keep the remaining one to sell. He’s cool like that.

Since I can’t find my large, shallow plastic bin, I went to Blick this morning to buy some butcher trays so I can tea-dye some of the watercolor paper that I got for this special commission. While I was there, I would up getting the very last of my art supplies for the Exodus Project, which were prac near a full set of Sennelier Grand oil pastels.


I also bought what I thought was the perfect case for them too, but wouldn’t ya know it – when I got home I discovered that they barely laid vertically inside of it. I’ll have to slightly use them before they will fit in there the way I want them to. Not too big of a deal.

Okay, so remember the painting, Firmament that I said was finished? You know, the one that I fussed with for over a month? Well, turns out, I wasn’t finished obsessing on it. I don’t think it’s done, so I’m going back in. Call me crazy, but it’s still not right, and that’s driving me crazy, so something has to be done.

So back in a bit, hopefully. I’d like to find some time to give an update on how all that goes, but finding the time is a whole other situation.

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