In Response to the Flu

It seems the whole world is up in arms about COVID-19 when the common flu kills more than 12,000 people and as many as 60,000 in any given year. Yup, that’s right.

I’ve been sequestering myself in my house for the last several weeks because I have the flu. I’m pretty sure it’s the flu. I have something wrong with my throat that’s been ongoing, my body aches, my brain is wooshing, and I have zero energy. I don’t think I have a fever though, so that makes me think it can’t be COVID-19, but I do have a bit of a cough and I am short of breath. Maybe it’s COVID-17 (mild Corona?).

In any case, I’m staying away from people because I don’t want to freak anybody out. I think I’m fine really.

I can’t believe how everything is shutting down and that a pack of toilet paper is twenty-five dollars on Amazon. You can’t get it at the store anymore. Why do people hoard this stuff? As a citizen living among others in this world, don’t you want everyone to wipe their butts? I’d think leaving many people without toilet paper is a sure way of spreading the virus even more. But that’s me.

This whole “pandemic” has forced us into an immediate economic recession. It’s too bad. A couple of places canceled their events and the whole world followed like sheep. It was like a domino effect. How long will this go on?

If I die of COVID-19 in the next few weeks, I’ll eat my words I guess. I just don’t think this is all worth putting so many people out of work. If your sick from the flu, or anything else, don’t go where people gather. It’s pretty simple. Couldn’t we just use common sense?

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