I’ve actually been back to work. It’s only been since forever, and I have little time for it, but I finally ordered new canvases and I’ve been working on a painting for the last 2 weeks. It incorporates drawings, embroideries, paper collage, sewing and oil paint and is going to take a long time, especially because I don’t get to spend as much time on it as I used to be able to, but it’s coming along, and most importantly, I’m inspired again. It’s been a long time a-commin’ but I finally have excitement about painting again.


For a long while I thought I was going to have a tremendous breakthrough, like the sky was going to open up and present an entirely different muse and a clear path towards a very new direction, but it just didn’t happen like that. Not at all. It’s hard to explain it, but I am on a new path, it’s just not so much different as it is clearer. I am who I am and it’s time to embrace to its fullest and to fear not. Some fear is good. Healthy, and even necessary, but it’s time to stop being polite – not that I was very polite, but I have been conforming to a certain degree and I am excited about breaking out. Therein lies my inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. mjp April 7, 2009 / 11:06 am

    I, for one, am excited to see you break out as well. I know it’s going to be fantastacular!

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