Who woulda thought this thing would save my life? ohhhh, but it does! This beautiful, wonderful, life-saving tool has become my new best friend. For this, I hereby love the Dutch, the good people who crafted this amazing apparatus. This tool is an awl guide that makes it possible to punch the holes along the binding of book signatures, magazines, and pamphlets — or a book like the one I am making right now.  It is simply a work of art that has made my life a whole lot easier. It’s the best 60 bucks I ever spent!

Yes, I am going to continue to talk about Horsebucket, the handmade book I’ve been working on. Why? Because my whole being has been wrapped around it. I have them on Presale for $79 until tomorrow, and then the holiday sale starts at $99.  I will begin sending them out by this weekend. I am still finishing them: still sewing, still typing.

2 thoughts on “lifesaver

  1. Gabriel December 4, 2008 / 1:59 am

    Hi Carol! Your work is beautiful, but you already know that 😉 My question: any chance of reading a sample of the text included?

  2. carol es December 4, 2008 / 2:05 am

    there are a few samples of the words when you click on the pictures on bottom of this page.

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