Oooh Baby

The other day I got to visit artist Baby Smith in her lovely home studio. I was blown away at seeing all the goooorgeeeeous groupings of her collages all under one (or 2) roofs. It was like being in a candy shoppe, or chocolate factory, just some kind of heaven. To put it simply,  her work rocks! She is such a sweetie pie too. So pretty, and sweet. You’d think I”d has me a little crush. You’d be right. 🙂

“shift no. 22,” 2008 by Baby Smith. Found objects on board, 27″x27″x4″ 

One thought on “Oooh Baby

  1. baby smith April 11, 2008 / 6:27 pm

    aaaaaw, you’re the cutey pie!!!!! *blush* and now that you live closer i can see your pretty little face more often…..we’ll have to do lunch in your neck of the woods soon!

    p.s. my new favorite word, thanks to you: ‘veh!’

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