shut up


I wish they would shut up, those talking heads, those jabbering radio mouths, those cluttered thinkers, predicting crap about the polls and what the elections are going to be like. They have hard-ons for liking one candidate, disliking another, backtalking and walking backwards, and contradicting and spitting. It’s all such a waste of air time and moving pictures to guess about what may or may not happen. Is this what it’s going to be like for a whole year? Yup.

2 thoughts on “shut up

  1. El Jaypee November 27, 2007 / 2:54 pm

    I agree with you and blabbering Kermit. I don’t know if i can take a year of this. I already want to poke out my eardrums and they haven’t even started yet. Of course the real downside is another year of the village idiot fucking up the country. It will take more than a new president to fix the shit he’s broken.

  2. baby smith November 27, 2007 / 7:15 pm

    heya gorgeous….i looooove the new look. and i kee-yant wait to see you in a few days. i keep giggling like a school girl on smack.

    and yesssss, i agree about this whole pre-presidential circus. caught a snippet of yesterday’s front news story and catie couric was asking hillary if she was WORRiED that oprah was backing barack instead of her…..oh, my farking lard….i almost shot myself with a potato gun right then and there (the only fire arm handy at the time)

    see you soonly, love.


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