The American Way

I have not much to say on the blog these days, but at least I’m fiddling with art again. I’ve been painting words onto the book pages of an American Way book from 1969 that was given to me by my friend, artist Baby Smith (thanks Beck!).

The American Way to True Fit Patterns was the industry standard in the grading business before computers took over. I suppose pattern makers who size the styles in manufacturing must still have to know the method because it was used in everything from Jordache jeans to high fashion runway clothing. I think Baby Smith found it in a dumpster somewhere and then she sent it to me as a gift. It sat in my studio for a couple of years until I was moving and I put it in the garage sale pile. Then the day of the sale my friend Beth Elliot came over and forced me to keep it. She said I could be making drawings on top of the pages or use it for reference in my art. Duh! She was right. I found a use for it after all.

Click here to see all of them. Some of them get a little weird, and I’m still working on them.


I also saw Rochelle Botello‘s show at Me & You Variety Candy Los Angeles
today. More on that VERY special occasion as soon as I get some food and sleep.

2 thoughts on “The American Way

  1. Holly March 3, 2008 / 5:54 am

    I can’t decide which one I like better – “I am trying very very hard not to hate you” (which I think everyday about someone or other-could be early menopause) or “I can’t work when I am on Xanax.” Maybe Hallmark will buy your designs….lol. I have a sign posted at my store (not original) that says something like “Unattended children will be given a puppy and a cappucino.” Just so you know where I am coming from…but I would never actually do something that cruel (to the puppy)….

  2. baby smith March 7, 2008 / 11:37 am

    you’re so well put together you bitch!!! these are fanTABbulous, i’m so happy you could use them.

    and you’re so right, there’s NO good food at these silly openings!!!

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