The Spark is Done!

Remind me not to make any more Artist’s books for a while. I mean, how long did this thing take me? I guess they all take a while, and I was just working this. I have plenty of other things going on. I keep thinking I have rest coming my way. It never comes.

Now all 20 books are finally finished! I can’t flippin believe it. I even built an order page on my website. (GO TO IT NOW!) I was talking about a pre-order price of $150 all this time and because you weren’t listening, I’m going to extend it until the end of August. I decided to price them at $199. after that. Don’t you want to save 25 percent?

Please consider purchasing one of these unique multimedia Artist’s books. I’m quite sure they are special, having a flash drive of a movie in them and all. Please check out all the pictures at the bottom of The Spark page on my website and read all about it. I’ve worked hard on it and I have no mommy to pat me on the back.

Okay. So…

Now that’s that’s done, my Mayline drawing table will now be empty and I can bring in a painting from the studio that I’ve been wanting to finish for so long, I don’t even want to think about how long it’s been. It’s The Turtle House.

I want to work on it in the house where it’s cooler and because it’s small enough to paint on the table.

And when I’m done with that, or perhaps, even while I’m doing that, I need to start prepping a two-panel (actually they are canvases, but it doesn’t matter) diptych I’ve been planning out — the skeleton of it anyway, that comes from this:

It’s going to be 34 x 68 inches – put together by two 34 inch heavy duty canvas squares. What you see above is just an outline by the way, so don’t think you know what it’s going to look like or anything. You don’t. It’s just the premise and basic underpainting. And so far, the first (and maybe the second one too) will be just experimentation. You’d think I’d use smaller canvases to experiment with, but that’s just the thing – or part of the experiment. If I had bigger surfaces to spare, I’d be doing just that. I do have two 40 x 60s, and I could use those, but they are my only/last two of that size. If my experiment works at this semi large size, then I know I can use the bigger ones.

We’ll see.

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