Three More and a Movie

There’s probably nothing I like more than progress. I’m kind of sick like that. It makes me happy. So I’ve been happy.

Finishing up those three pieces the other day was quite a relief, and I started the Apollo capsule one too, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been referencing the Apollo 13 capsule.


Either way it doesn’t really matter because now that I have it painted on there, I’m not sure what kind of changes I’m going to be making to it. I know it needs more rivets, but I kind of want to give it flower rivets. It just might be too small to work that in there, but we’ll see.

In the mean time, I have to leave this one alone for a bit and get back to the one called Round House because of drying time. I laid some yellow on there pretty thick – yellow takes forever to dry – and I don’t know what else I’ll be slapping on there, so I just want to get that one done as soon as I can, especially because there’s going to be a photo shoot here at some point soon. Shulamit is going to be making a catalog for the show and I’d rather have this one in there so I’m playing “Beat the Clock.”


Here’s a detail of it:


Not the greatest photos. Sorry. I take them at the wrong time of day.

As of today (I’m further along than this now), I have about seven more spaces to fill, and then the sky. Yes, there is going to be a sky. Perhaps you don’t remember that I made a mock-up of the sky a while back in Photoshop that looked a little like this:


It stuck in my mind and so I’m going to use it.

But the next time I have to spend on this painting won’t be until Wednesday, if that. Tomorrow I am working with Jonathan on the movie, Up to Now. The little movie has been taking quite some time and it probably won’t be done until right before the show because we want to make it as good as we possibly can. Any little extra tweaks we can put into it, the better. This is why it’s not finished yet, but it’s getting there.

The film is narrated. I think I’ve mentioned this before, and it took some time to get the script just right. Then it took some time to get the voice recording just right too. Once that was done, it took some time to get the pacing and the entire voice over EQed. All of the visuals couldn’t be dropped into the timeline until the voice over was finished and that’s why things weren’t just rolling quickly. Now all the parts are finally happening and looking really good. So, I’m excited.


Then, I still have to start the last little one.

No progress on that one …yet.

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