WordPress Rant

I pretty much hate WordPress. It’s always given me multiple problems, yet most people use it. How the hell they get it to do exactly what they want truly baffles me.

Maybe they don’t. Maybe they settle for something that’s close enough? Maybe they search for answers to their questions about all the bugs that occur on the WordPress forum for many hours more than I do. No idea.

I’ve designed whole websites, both from scratch and with various templates, but WordPress has got to be the most complicated, despite its deceptively simple templates. Once you start adding plug-ins, things don’t work the way they should, other plug-ins break, many widgets are poorly designed, and you’re lucky to get support. But I need a blog component to my site.

Personally, I think Squarespace is pretty rockin. It couldn’t be more straightforward. You can place items where you want. Things work. There’s support if you can’t figure it out. And it’s cheap! You can even essentially build a blog.

If you want to host a WordPress site with your own domain someplace, it would cost some 15 bucks a month, separate security encryption (https), and whatever time it takes you to deal with all the WordPress bullshit. And good luck showing up on Google unless you know how to FTP into the code and do your own SEO. Most people don’t even know how to do that. The whole thing just seems like a waste of valuable time for most folks. But all the power to ya if you’re a WP loyalist.  

I don’t know why I was talking about Squarespace, because my website is not on Squarespace. It was built on good, old-fashioned code, from scratch. But my blog is, in fact, WordPress, and it’s just complicated for ME, anyway. Maybe I’m the biggest dummy on earth, because that’s how WP makes me feel! It’s been frustrating me lately, and there are no other blog programs anymore. WordPress seemed to put them all out of business. Ghaaaaa!

Oh well…Back to trying to figure things out with this thing. Wish me luck.

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