rock the miasma

Getting on top of my current projects, and busy like the wind again. I have not been able to get out much, but last Saturday I saw a new doc at the Westside Pavillion called Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten. Very good. It was especially nice to be able to have our very own couch in the screening room. Now that’s a way to get people back into the theaters – make it like their living rooms. Still no ability to rewind though.

I also went to Leigh Salgado’s show at Avenue 50 Studio near my new neighborhood, and that was a beautiful show of her newer pieces, many of them on player piano scrolls. Her delicate work in hand cutting lace and doodle into paper, while camouflaging words and underlaying visual messages, feelings, and the amazing mysteries of female miasma. Leigh Salgado is clearly one to watch.

Another amazing show is at George Billis Gallery. Jorge Santos is a damn brilliant master! You only have a few days left so go see his work before the show ends.

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