Today is Tuesday

Remember when I said I woke up from a dream and there were those loud, migrating birds in the sky? Well, those were not just any birds. We have quite a few flocks of naturalized parrots all over this area. Since I moved here to NELA, I hear these parrots and see them in flocks, jumping from tree to tree, flying in crazy patterns. They are all so loud and beautiful, and frankly crazy to watch. There’s been a lot of Hitchcock moments where I could swear there were millions of birds about to swoop down on me in the yard. They scream and caw like they are on fire.

I started planting a cactus garden last week. That’s what I do to relax, even though it absolutely kills me. My legs are like lead weights now, with electrical currents running through them. Or maybe it’s more like those hot coils inside of a toaster running through my thighs, only I don’t feel the heat, I just feel the electricity. Neat, huh? When I walk I’m all wobbly with shocks zapping down from my hips into my feet. I’m one electric bitch! But you should see my garden. Very meditative and hippydippy cute.

Luckily, I can sit around the ERL lab and take it sleezy while I conduct my Frankenstein experiments, and shop around for some film equipment on Craig’s list for the next project I’m working on. Life is sure changing. There’s lots of new up my sleeve.

I’m also messing with a wood carving that will become the frame for the collector that purchased my painting called, Forgive:

Tonight is the opening of Salty: Three Tales of Sorrow, a solo show by Edith Abeyta at El Camino College Gallery in Torrance. There’s an artist’s talk that starts in about an hour, but I am certain I won’t be able to make that. I’m still trying to make arrangements to go down there for the reception tonite. I think I’d have to take my chair with me if I go, and I just hate being seen in it. So, I may bring an actual chair instead of one on wheels. No matter what, it makes me feel like a spectacle. A walker, a cane, a wheelchair, having to answer to people I don’t know very well what my problem is. Sometimes I sit behind a desk (where usually the only chairs are in a gallery) and have people think I work there, or appear to be some kind of prima donna that’s too good to stand. OR I can just do what I normally do: stand there as if nothing is wrong with me while screaming in writhing pain inside my head! If you are ever talking to me at these things and I’m standing there – I am not listening to a word you are saying! While I lie in bed recovering from this in the days that follow and I ask myself, “is all that agony really worth it?” The answer is no. If I can remember all that beforehand, this is usually why I missed your reception…

Anyway, Edie invited me to be a part of one of her three installations called, Cry Me a River. There are about 50 women artists in total. Each of us decorated a hankie provided by Edith, along with a souvenir blue ball point pen. Everyone did a great job, and each piece is very original. This show is running from November 19 through December 14. Here are some great captures of the installation process from Marshall Astor’s blog. It’s a great idea to have such thorough documentation along the way of an important artist’s career. Edie is a big inspiration.

Here’s a list of some of the other artists in the hankie project:

Kim Abeles, Rheim Alkadhi, Katrina Alexy, Claudia Alvarez, Abbie Bagley-Young, Sunny Buick, Alison Casson, Suzanne Coady, Shannon Collins, Susan Crawford, Hope Dector, Anne Devine, Irana Douer, Rebecca Ebeling, Beth Elliott, Christina Empedocles, Elisabet Ericson, Carol Es, Georgina Fineman, Betsy Lohrer Hall, Christine Hawthorn, Peregrine Honig, Lindsay Jessee, Denise Johnson, Marnia Johnston, Mary Kilvert, Mung Lar Lam, Miriam Libicki, Hilary Lorenz, Allison Manch, Susanna Meiers, Merry-Beth Noble, Saelee Oh, Susie Oh, Naoke Okabe, Ahndraya Parlato, Martha Rich, Lisa Romero, Charlene Roth, Isabel Samaras, Colleen Sanders, Yong Sin, Jessica Newman Skretny, Lisa Solomon, Syl Tapetentiere, Michele Theberge, Deborah Thomas, Rebecca Trawick, Sarah Wagner, Megan Whitmarsh, and Kate Williamson.

I’m pretty sure they’re all for sale too? But ask the director of the gallery to be sure.

2 thoughts on “Today is Tuesday

  1. Reuben Sorensen November 20, 2007 / 4:15 pm

    My neighbor raises macaws. They’re very beautiful, deep reds and greens. And LOUD! when I visit her I hear,

    San Pedro cactus

  2. kelvin November 22, 2007 / 5:49 pm

    I think that painting is one of your best.I have a solution to your problem about standing or sitting at a gallery.Take a bed with you and lay down in the center of the galley while you talk.If you make it a queen size whoever is talking to you can lay down too.Hmmmmmmmm…on second thought…maybe not.
    Take care,Kel

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