And a Stuffed Fish

While purchasing some of the parts for my new, weird floor sculpture—probably the most expensive bits of it—I’m still trying to conceptualize the tougher logistics of how it will need to be “engineered.” Typically, one cannot defy physics, after all.

I need a kind of armature with a heavy base that can bear some off-balanced weight. Ideally, the armature should also be able to bend. I may pay my neighbor to construct it. He’s an iron artist/sculptor, but iron might be too heavy to sit on top of the lower base, which are two floor toms.

Another alternative rig might be just buying a cheap, arched floor lamp and altering it in some way. It might be a little rickety, though. It’s a possibility. It seems like a lot of work and expense for such a silly sculpture made mainly from drums and stuffed animals, but that’s what’s in my brain.

It’s a kind of curved totem or a tower-type thing that fits into this idea of healing I have. Of course, it works in my head, but I don’t know if it will translate.

Drums are like medicine and always were for me personally. Stuffed animals are, too. They still are. I think they are for everyone, or people wouldn’t bring them into hospitals for sick children.

I’m also incorporating an umbrella for protection, a pillowcase, ribbons, some sewing, embroidery, and words, and possibly a stuffed fish (don’t ask).

Still thinking of a title for this thing. And still wondering if I’m some kind of nut.

I’ve been working more than usual. It’s probably because I’m on a new med change for my brain cooties. I feel like I’m leaving some of my sad funk behind, which is a good thing. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been busy getting ready for the open studio tours. I am forced to get into a different mindset for that.

Most of my set-up is completed. My wall is, anyway. There’s a little corner of the studio where we will put a couple of each of our works. The rest will be done in the hour or two before we “open” Saturday morning of the 7th. That includes sticking our signs up on the corners of the highway and out front. I just hope it’s not windy.

I’ve also been working on a couple of new pieces for the Discarded Snapshots series, drawing out the compositions on the panels. One is my dad holding my brother as a baby. The other is me and my brother with our dog when we were four and seven.

Not only that, I’m about to get started on those little embroideries—twenty-four pill bottles, then the other ones, which are little cartoon characters that have top surgery scars.

If that’s not enough, I’m slowly working on collaborations with photographer and artist Margeaux Walter.

That’s a lot! However, I have a plan to work on each project during these upcoming weeks and months. I have plenty of time before my show at CYV and no deadline for a couple of the other things, and the open studios only take up three weekends.

Although, I may be mentally exhausted at the end of each weekend. It’s a lot of socializing. We’ll see.

Lastly, I don’t know why exactly, but I started my own Substack. I guess I got on the bandwagon. I don’t have subscribers yet, and I don’t know if or how I’ll get them. I call it Studio Erroneous. It will be similar to the blog, but from a perspective that no one has ever read my blog, so I’m starting from scratch in hopes that I’m speaking to a new audience. I’d like to address different subjects and stories in a more organized way. However, if I don’t get any traction, I’ll most likely delete it. I really don’t know how it works yet.

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