Back from Joshua Tree

I just got back from my little trip to Joshua Tree where I worked on a little project for Art House Co-op called The Fiction Project (the site is being revamped at this very moment, so the info may not be there when you click on the link, as they are also promoting their next sketchbook project…), which I posted a little preview of on my website here.

The book is called Inside/Outside. It’s a 40 page lined sketchbook that is mostly handwritten text with some art in it. I did it all in five days in a beautiful rented vacation house right near the west entrance of Joshua Tree National Park called the Skylark House. This was all made possible from a grant provided by the National Arts and Disability Center, or else I would not had been able to stay in such a great place for that length of time. The book was a documentation of my stay out there, so it wasn’t exactly a work of fiction, but more like creative non-fiction. Well, 99% of it anyway. Dan appears in the story a little bit, but in many ways, he has become real.

I was also looking for a rental for my friend Tracey there because she may be moving there from Pennsylvania. She is moving back to Southern California after being away for nearly nine years now. I have been scoping places out for here in various locations and JT was one of them. I kinda found the perfect place for her there, but I’m not sure if she is taking it. There might be other options, it all depends on where she feels most comfortable since she has been living in quite the rural situation for the past many years.

When I got back I found out that I did not win the People’s Choice Award for the Artist’s Wanted contest. I feel bad making all these people vote for me daily. I thought I was really close to getting it, but I guess I was not close enough. Of the first 100 people who entered I was at least 500 votes beyond any of those artists, but I had no way of knowing how many votes the rest of the artists were racking up – apparently a lot. I wound up with roughly 1200 in the end. Not enough to win. *Sigh* …but I am so very very appreciative for everyone who wanted me to win and tried so hard and voted for me so loyally. I have learned, however, not to enter such contests like this again.

I am constantly applying for things, and that’s fine. I get rejected from most everything I apply for, but this is something that winds up disappointing all the people that were trying to help me too. Plus I had to hound people to vote for me, and that was like panhandling in front of a 7-11 for change or something. I know I was a such a nuisance and I hated it. I’d much rather apply for things the regular way without bringing the whole world into the process.

Now that that’s over, I’m moving onto other things. I got my letterpress pages back for my Houses book today and they look marvelous! I still need to print those plates I made and start the watercolor pages now that I got these letterpress pages back. There’s much to do, plus I have to make a miniature version of Danarama for strategic purposes… Install my dolls and The Deal at 18th Street for the “Los Angeles-Instanbul Connection” show on Tuesday morning and get to work on a painting that’s been in my head for the last month! I will tell you that it involves a stuffed snake! 🙂

Plus, did I mention that I’m going to be in a show called TEL-ART-PHONE, curated by Mat Gleason? Here is the weird painting I made that will make more sense if you see it in the show:

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  1. kel May 25, 2011 / 4:28 pm

    danarama is beautiful.

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