Big Ole Newses

The big coloring book I’m in is finally releasing September 3rd! Outside the Lines, curated by none other than Hustler of Culture‘s L. Souris Hong-Porretta! You can now buy it at 40% off during the PRE-SALE on Amazon here.

But if you would like to get some of your pages signed by some of the artists, like ME, or Exene Cervenka, Gary Baseman, Jen Corace, Buff Monster, Jesse LeDoux, Logan Hicks, and more, come to the the OTL Launch and signing Party at the MOCA store on Saturday, September 21st from 3-6 PM!

Actually, I am not sure which artists will be there, but Shepard Fairey will be there, and so will I. Let’s guess who will bring a bigger crowd. Well, no matter what, it’s going to be stuffed. Once MOCA sends out the official invite (which will have the names of the artists that will be there for signings) things will only get hotter, and trust me, it doesn’t seem like it can get much hotter here in Los Angeles right now. It’s been unbearable. But this party is about to bust thermometers all over the place.


So far, Outside the Lines has already brought in some great reviews, like this one on Dad of Divas, Another on Cool Hunting, and I’ve heard as well as the Advocate, Daily Candy, and Parents Magazine! Buzz, buzz, buzz!

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