Bottom Line – The Saga Continues

It’s true. IEHP did not approve my surgery. Not yet anyway. They say they’ve only approved the original request–a consultation. A measly appointment. 

So that whole fucking appeal was for an office visit. I don’t think they ever intended to approve me. 

Now, as of yesterday, a request for the actual surgery was submitted by the surgeon. IEHP has five days to approve or deny it. Everything is all up in the air again, and I’ll get an answer by the 23rd.

If they approve it, I don’t know how long it will take them to negotiate the price with the doctor’s office, but I hear it doesn’t take but a couple of days for that. 

If they don’t approve it, they don’t approve it. It was fun while it lasted. 

But truly, it’s painful to even be sarcastic about this anymore. To make one more joke about it, makes me want to endlessly sob. I’m not in any mood to joke. I feeling like an absolute puddle of shit. I no longer have the energy to pick myself off the ground.

No happiness in sight.

EDIT: It’s later today now. And I found out that the surgery referral is now in expedited mode. That means they have to tell me by Monday if the surgery is approved. Or denied. But I also found out that the contracting part can take 3-4 weeks, if not more. That’s the part where IEHP has to draw up a contract with the doctor and the facility on how much they agree to pay.

All this tells me, even if I get a “approval” before this weekend, it doesn’t really mean squat in terms of me getting my surgery in March. Not unless Dr. Mosser’s office will let me do it once I’m approved and I will just agree to pay what IEHP doesn’t pay for (and/or be paid back what they do pay for).

Stay tuned for more frustrating news. I’m sure it’s not as frustrating for you as it is for me. I spent all morning in tears. Nice.

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