Dabbling Along

I decided on the perfect song for the painting I am working on at home to be Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.


The one at the studio is slow-going (well, they all are really these days). Yellow and green is about all I’ve added to this one besides drawing more flowers and extras to it. It seems convenient that the one away from the studio is about separation and the one at the space is an ofrenda to my parents. They busted up several times as I was growing up, but the worst one was when they did it 3,000 miles apart. It was around 1976-77 and I flew back and forth between LA and Philadelphia several times. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac was one of the songs that played over and over in my headphones on the flights while I traveled with a TWA chaperone. It was weird and all I wanted was for my family to be back together. My mom was in LA and my father and brother were in Allentown. I was the yoyo that was pulled back and forth between them while they argued like children themselves. Total chaos. The song was fitting for the situation because I thought they would never work it out.  They finally did before Rumors won Album of the Year.


(the one at the studio)

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