In Progress at Home


Not much has transpired but blending and coloring, thinking, planning. I think cursive text is coming into the picture here, but I still haven’t decided on which poem or song it will be coming from, but I want it transcripted from something else and not the usual stream of consciousness. I feel like the difficulty in separating heart and mind is already obvious here, so I want the text to illustrate more about the reminiscence of the memories this painting is coming from and make it less general and more specific actually: which is why I am thinking of grabbing it from a song. But these are the colors, with the exception of a little more of the pattern yellow, which I may pull in from the right side a tad. I haven’t decided if that will help it or ruin it! I like the main composition and coloring as it is now, just need to refine, refine, refine without losing what I like about it. I wonder about the yellow is all. Patterns are yellow, yes. But this is art. So what to do, what to do? Hmmm. Do I pull some in from somewhere else to make it “make sense?” Or do I leave it and go with white… Is there a “happy” medium? And Am I ever going for “happy?” No. Well on some level, maybe. I thought I just learned that the search for happiness is a sham and feeling satisfied with being contented is a lot longer lasting. It’s that greedy little More Witch that wants it all. I must strangle her and knock her teeth out someday.

One thought on “In Progress at Home

  1. tosha September 5, 2009 / 1:43 pm

    You’re art is interesting. I assume you want to project depression in your artwork.
    Could you please tell me what that contraption in the middle of this piece of work is?

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