I’ve decided to sell my drums.

Yup. That’s right. Anyone who wants to buy them as separates may do so or they can buy the entire enchilada for a mere $3000. That would be a savings of $550. That’s if you bought everything: the drums, the cymbals, hardware, flight case and snare.

Everything fits inside the flight case, so you could roll it away. All of it. It’s in Riverside in my climate controlled storage facility. I can meet you there. Here are some pictures and links to the ads which include many more pictures:


1. Paiste 1990s Black Visions 14″ Full Hi Hats–comes with the DW stand. $200.

2. Paiste 2002 Classic 17″ Crash Cymbal & Paiste Signature 12″ Splash Cymbal with small crack, still sounds and plays great. Both: $260.

3. Vintage 14″ Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats Late 1970s: Hollow Logo. $250.

4. Vintage 1960-1970 Zildjian 22″ Heavy/Dark-Hollow Logo: Excellent sounding heavy ride with a Stewart Copeland pingy bell sound. Records amazing. It was made late 60s early 70s. Great pitch. Bronze patina. Also comes with black leather cymbal bag that has a lot of wear and the zipper tag is missing. $260. 

All for $950: I’d rather not break up the set.


Pork Pie US 3-piece custom maple, multi-color-stained drum set made by hand by Bill Detamore himself when he worked out of his garage in the 1990s. Shells are stained green, blue, and orange–tom-toms match bass drum hoops.

Includes 3 shells, sizes: 20″x 20″ signed kick (bass drum), 9″x 10″ rack tom, and 13″x 14″ suspended floor tom. Tom-toms are on Gauger RIMS. Comes complete with 2 Yamaha tom and cymbal stands (all hardware included, but cymbal poles are not pictured).

Kit has road wear, but sounds and plays excellent. Probably needs new heads, but currently all Remo batter heads on top and clear on bottom. Bass drum has a pro head with a batter dot which makes this thing cut through clear and bright on live recording. Bill made these especially for live playing jazz, funk, and rock. They sound amazing.



This is a rare Pearl free floating piccolo snare bought new in the 1990s. It is orange-stained maple with heads in pretty good condition, not extremely worn in, but the hard floater rim is pretty beat up because of the way it was used in live playing with cross-stick and “pop” rimshots, used heavily on the road. Yet, this thing sounds excellent with a Stewart Copeland vibe to it. Everything is unharmed otherwise. All snare wires intact with a good-working throw-off switch. The maple shell is in very good condition.

I am including a ratty snare case and Tama stand. The stand is missing one grab rubber, but it’s still a great meaty stand. Nothing else wrong with it, just used.



This huge green monster coffin is perfect to fit your entire drum set, or any electronics you aim to take on the road. You can customize the inside for whatever. It is in perfect condition aside from needing a replacement latch on one side (five bucks?). All the foam is in perfect condition–not a dent. And not a dent on the outer case either. This was originally producer Matt Hyde’s case and I bought it secondhand. The inner dimensions are: 50″ long x 26″ wide x 30″ high. Rolls with amazing ease, casters are in excellent shape.


NO, the drums do not come with this case unless you’re buying everything.

Contact me if you’re interested in all or part.

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