Getting Ready

Are you getting sick of the bags yet? Too bad. It’s going to be all about bags for a while. I even started writing a new mid-spring newsletter I hope to put out early next week about my bag project. OMG, so fascinating, right?

Yesterday, mjp was a total love and cleared out a space in the garage for me so I can work on a flat wall. It’s so I can spray toxic fumes to my heart’s content, like the adhesive and the fixative I’ll be needing to use on these grocery bag artworks.

These sprays will get you higher than holy hell if you breathe enough of them into your innards. It will probably destroy what little brain cells I have left.

All in the name of art I guess. But at least I have a nice clean wall to use.

Since I’ve busy working on these things, my studio looks as though a tornado came through. It bothers me because I usually like to be organized and feel uneasy when things aren’t tidy. It’s not that I mind making the mess that’s required for art-making, just as long as I put it all away when I’m finished.

But that won’t be for a long time since I am pretty determined to work on seventeen of these, no matter how easy or time consuming. I may not be able to put a ton of hours a day into them, but I will work on them every day…

Even if I’m just sitting at the computer and figuring out the details of the compositions I’ll be making…

In the meantime, I made this bunny crossing sign to put on our mailbox post hoping people will slow down when driving down our street. I hope it helps.

One thought on “Getting Ready

  1. Scarlett K Decker April 13, 2020 / 11:25 am

    Nice work! Can’t wait to see them. PS. I forgot to mention that using a glue stick works well too = no wrinkles!

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