Happy New Year!

Aside from yesterday, I’ve been getting a lot done.

I got up early today and continued to work on this one that is almost finished.


So I’m pretty happy about that, and I managed to finish this little one last night after I got back from shul:


I’m still at a loss for titles on these, but I will come up with something, I’m sure.

But not today. I found out that I was rejected for the CCI Grant a couple of hours ago. What a bummer. I mean, I’m used to be rejected, I just get bummed out for a few hours after the initial blow. Eventually I forget about it just because I get busy again.

There were 455 applications according to the rejection letter. I don’t know what that means as far as chances. I don’t think it means anything to tell you the truth. My proposal just wasn’t strong enough. That’s all.

The money would have really helped me to finalize my exhibition and give me tools to carry on with video making. I wouldn’t have to rely so much on my collaborators, who I happened to meet with on Wednesday by the way. That was exciting! We were even able to animate a little bit of one of the characters in the film. I nearly died watching it move for the first time!

This morning I pulled the trigger and got the new tent. I had to put it on a credit card, but it’s the exact one I want:


And tomorrow I’m picking up a couple of old lawn chairs.

Now I’m giving way more information out than I wanted to about the installation.

I also started the under painting on the next abstract desert landscape. I can’t believe I show anyone these as they are in progress because they look like absolute crap while I am working on them:


There was more I was going to say, but now I forgot. But that’s the latest for now.

Have a great weekend!

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