Watching the Wheels

Let’s see, what has been going on around here? Anyone want an update? I know I need one. I need to write this just to see what I have been doing with myself, if you don’t mind. Otherwise, I feel like I’m just turning my wheels. (I sure hope that’s not what I’ve been doing!)


Yesterday I finally finished this painting, putting me almost at the three week mark instead of four. That almost puts me on schedule (now if I can only make up for the two weeks on the other two where I went over time. )


Still no titles, but for now the working title is Noah’s Chairs.

I decided to just name this one Portico:


And now I’m working on the last 20 x 20 inch birch panel:


Sorry, these aren’t the greatest shots when they’re in progress. It’s because I snap the pictures while they are sitting on my easel, so it’s indoors. When I take the final photo, I take the paintings outside in the proper light. I usually get better pictures like that. Ultimately, I like to hire a photographer, but I will usually wait until I have a full body of work to do at once.

If you’re curious, I use Alan Shaffer.

The panel above also doesn’t have a title yet. The working title is Sky House.

I’m also working on a little 9 x 12 inch panel…I don’t know why I’ve been telling you guys what my working titles are, but whatever. This one is Little Cabin:


I think it’s because I am having a hard time naming this series. I don’t have a hard time titling my work, but this series is tricky because I really don’t want the titles to end up having anything to do with the working titles. Some have already stayed stuck, and that’s too bad really. I got so attached to the titles that I didn’t budge, plus I already wrote the names on the back of the paintings in Sharpie.

I’ve got one more 16 x 20 inch canvas that I’m going to paint an abstract desert landscape on before I move onto a 20 x 24 inch. I just made a basic sketch of it today, but I don’t know how far off I will go from it. Most likely a lot since I haven’t stayed very close to any of them yet.


Jeez, now that I’m writing all this I see that I had a productive week because I actually finished the last of the scripting for my film this morning too. I have been working on that for many weeks, a little bit every day, and it’s been difficult. Difficult in the way that it is a very abstract concept, and the fact that the concept was not exactly fully formed. That made it hard to write a summary, story line, blow by blow, and narration. But it’s done and all it needs now is story boarding.

I need to draw a few more things for the animations too, but not much. It will take me about a week. Then we will have to go pick up more footage in Joshua Tree and record a bit of foley (that film talk for sound effects). The time is in the editing.

One thing, or yet another thing, that has set me back, is the tent. I had to take the tent I bought back to Walmart. It was too big. And the tent I would like to use is very expensive. Well, not crazy, crazy expensive. It’s actually only $100 higher than what I originally budgeted, but my whole budget has been eaten up by many unforeseen monsters that gobbled it away. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and I made some mistakes when factored in all that free shipping towards the rewards everyone received. Plus, some of my supplies were more than twice what I calculated.

Nevertheless, it looks like I might have a little money coming in on an art sale that I can use for some of the extra props that I need, since I am totally changing the video installation into something a bit more…weird. I don’t remember if I have talked about it, but if I have, shame on me. I need to keep that stuff a secret! Not that you should expect something spectacular – there aren’t going to be fireworks in the project room at Shulamit, but you can expect something unexpected from me.

I think I’ve talked long enough. Don’t you?

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