My solo show at George Billis has come to an end, but you can still see some of the pieces there in the secret “back room.” I’ve been having those after show blues, while battling an attack of major illness that has kept me pretty horizontal for the past 2 weeks. This hasn’t stop me from sketching out ideas in my trusty little Moleskin book, enough to create a small, hand-bound Artists’ book of simple drawings. I am excited about this.


Interesting how I was forced to make these drawings. I’ve had this annoying tremor in my hand, so while drawing in gauche with the paintbrush, I had to swipe the brush quickly as to not wind up with a wiggly line, and I really love how free-flowing they wound up. I could never ever do this if I wasn’t forced by wiggly lines or at gun point because it goes so against my grain. I’ve wanted to be able to loosen up for so many years, ever since I saw the drawings of MJP’s and James Scott. I owe them both for the inspiration. Since finishing the images, I headed over to my new letterpress printer at Aardvark to begin to process on the covers. I was my first day out in a long time, but I got much accomplished. I also went to see Sandra Bernhard at the Orpheum Theatre which kicked ass – as she always does.


Anyway, my new book will be done very soon,  in the next week or 2 so they can be purchased before the stinkin’ holidays. Don’t worry, I’m keeping this one under $150. It is called: “Horsebucket” and this is what I know so far:


5.5 x 8.5 inches closed. 13 laser-printed drawings on acid-free paper, with some original scribbly bits. Text is hand typed by artist on a 1930’s portable Underwood typewriter. Hand sewn binding, Letterpress covers with custom die on Crane’s 100% cotton Lettra paper.


Now for  some cool end papers and a box of some sort…


Something to think about while I spend my day inside an MRI machine today. 😛



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