How’d I Do Dat?

How did I do this in the last five days? I just finished the third draft of my memoir. I thought I was a little more than half way done with it five days ago. Maybe it has something to do with working and not sleeping? Ha!


I also started this little painting. It’s my second attempt at Above Valley Blvdactually, just a more abstracted version. I suppose I’ll work on it a bit tomorrow since I am officially taking a writing break now. I’ve been completely glued to that book for far too long and I am so excited about finishing it, it’s not even funny. It’s a little scary as a matter of fact. I know I’m scaring my boyfriend because of how focused in on it I am.

As far as cutting it, I think it’s as cut as it will ever be, for now. For the last draft I might even be adding a little because I have to “insert joke here ___” at various places because it’s so lacking in humor as it sits right now. I got it under 600 pages though. At least I got it there. It’s still a bear though. But it’s come a long way from 316,000 words. It’s about 197,000 now. I feel like I took out a ton of my life. I did! But now it can be another book, or books, which, I believe, will show up as fiction in the future. Or ya might be able to call it “creative non-fiction.” I’m not sure. What would you call Henry Chinaski anyway? Oh well. Something like that.

Crap. Now I got myself thinking about that as a new project. Just what I need – another book to obsess over. Actually, I know it sounds crazy, but it’s not that much of a hair-brained idea after all. If I was working on something else, even something small, I wouldn’t put so much psycho-focus into the memoir. Hmmm. I might take myself up on that.

In the meantime, it’s most certainly time for a fricken nap! I’ve been up since 5:00 this morning.

One thought on “How’d I Do Dat?

  1. Chris C July 20, 2016 / 3:30 am

    Always special!!!

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