I Don’t Know What I Think

I don’t know what I think. I’m busy all the time and I don’t seem to have much time to write much anymore. I have to change things around so that isn’t so. I don’t think people, others, friends, anybody really knows or understands how much time I truly need to myself. So much more than I get. But some might think I already have too much. I’m full of luck they’d say. Full of luck. Yeah. I am. Yet I don’t have time to make a call, pay my bills, clean my house, make some food, paint or draw, or write. So, here I am. Writing. Writing about how I don’t get to write. How am I supposed to keep the blog up and running, get followers, promote, promote, promote, and still have time to keep up an art practice? A writer’s practice? See my therapist? I’m just tired. My illness makes me tired, plus I didn’t get enough sleep last night, plus I’m trying to quit smoking again. I quit the day before yesterday, but – like and idiot – I had one cigarette today, so I ruined everything! I’m in such a bad mood. I’m disappointed in my being, which has no real will power. I don’t even know what I really think of myself. Whatever whatever whatever. The day flies by. I look up and it’s six o’clock and nothing important has been done – nothing important to me. I only give my life to and for one thing …sacrificed for one single, cheesy reason. People think I’m goal-obsessed. That aint it. I just want to be saved. Swallow a little magic. I need to go change my nicotine patch.

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