So What’s Going On?

I never know what to write on this damn blog. I’d say it’s like the red recording light goes on and I freeze up, but it’s not like that at all. Because when I used to record music, that red recording light would come on, and it was like the very best would come out of my bones and muscles.

I think it’s more like where do I start? How do I catch up from the place I was before? 

Usually, when I write, I seem to work out my troubles just by typing out the words. So maybe I should start there.

Lately, my mind has been chaotic. Too many untied loose ends everywhere, and this has caused me to start making lists again. I’ve been doing it for the past several months, but I haven’t been super neurotic about keeping up with it – which is a good thing. I used to have a list problem and I don’t want that to happen again. I used to make lists every day, sometimes more than once, and even if I did something that wasn’t on the list, I’d write it on there afterwards, put a box next to it, just so I could put an “X” in the box.

I think the medication has really helped me with being so crazy about lists. I haven’t made any in years. But lately, I’ve had so many miscellaneous things I’ve had to finish, that I had to make a list, just so I wouldn’t forget to finish up on all the things I really needed to get done, because I was starting to really forget!

But the more things that went on the list, the more overwhelmed I have become with how much shit I need to get done. Especially since everything isn’t even on the list! There are pending items as well.

For instance, I applied for a table at the next LA Art Book Fair at MOCA. If I get in, then if I thought I was busy now, then the shit is going to hit the fan! Not only will I have to get all my books together (not that big a deal), but I will be trying to get my new book together: Carol Es une Monographie de Lignes, and make a few original drawings inside those, plus drawings for the new chapbooks I still haven’t yet drawn in.

I also will want to make a bunch of new prints, like 16 Dans:



Some embellished etchings:



I will also be making prints of the cover of Today’s Quandary.:


And a few other drawings I have up my sleeve…

If I don’t get it, I am still going to be busy in February because I am doing a small pin installation for Shulamit Gallery at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair. It was almost a year ago now, when I went there last year and wound up crying my eyes out at that stupid fair, but I have a feeling that this year it’s going to be much, much better. 🙂

Speaking of fairs, as you know, Miami week is coming up and I will be with Shulamit at booth E21 at CONTEXT. They will have a large drawing installation of mine there, as part of my Journal Project, so if you are going – please check it out and tell me if they installed it correctly. 😉 Just kidding, I know they will. I trust them.

I have been working on my drawings for the new book, while finishing up two small paintings that I started in the summer, and of course, I stupidly started yet another. But it’s only like 11 x 14 inches, really small, so it’s like not starting any new painting at all, right? Right.

I finished the little 12 x 12 inch one. I just haven’t been able to get a good picture of it.

My hair is different now. I still have dreadlocks, but I brushed out about 15 of my front dreads, and cut them into bangs – which was a giant decision! Then I colored the ends of  many of my dreads so that they could actually be deciphered as separate dreadlocks because it looked like I just had a pile of brown poops on my head. Now I look quite a bit more festive. mjp took a picture, see?



Quick EDIT:

I thought it would be fun to show you a sneak peek of the Shulamit booth at CONTEXT MIAMI:

Art Miami 2013 November 7, 2013 Shulamit Gallery (1)

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  1. justine November 19, 2013 / 8:55 pm

    i looooove the hair!!!

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