In Search of 20 LA Artists

I am looking to survey 20 Los Angeles working artists at any stage of their career for an article I’m writing. The question is pretty straight forward:

What would you like to see happen to your art career within the next 5 years?

Limit this to one paragraph. Be realistic, and you don’t have to limit your answer to just goals. It can be a direction you want your art to go, it can be about process, projects you want to work on, gallery affiliations, residencies you’d like to take, people you want to emulate, strategies you might have, shows you are working towards, etc.

The first 20 Los Angeles artists to email me their answers will be mentioned in the article. I’ll let you know ahead of time if you are one of the 20.

Deadline: June 3rd.

carol (aaat) esart [dott] com

One thought on “In Search of 20 LA Artists

  1. erevank May 28, 2008 / 4:49 am

    it is a very interesting question… but i live in Mexico City jajajja… nice blog

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