Installation Day

I have been scarce. Maybe for some, I don’t even exist anymore — I have no idea. It’s been well over a month since my last post and it may seem that I’ve been slacking off, but I’m no slacker. I mean, that’s not in my nature, but I have been taking it easy(er), with plans to continue down that road, because yesterday, I was finally able to install The Exodus Project at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History.

Michael and I did it together as a team, and I would not have been able to it without him. Seriously. I am not in the greatest health and I have gained so much weight that I tire way too easily. I was already spent when we loaded up the U-Haul the night before, a three hour job in itself. Just thinking and planning this thing out has been stressing me out, exhausting my brain, and I guess physically too because I have been anticipating what it would do to my body when the day came, giving me little heart attacks. It was a bit more painful than I anticipated, but the drive back was much faster than the way there, so that was nice. We were delayed about 45 minutes on the way up because a truck went over the side of a mountain and only one lane was open for miles. It took us two and a half hours to get there and five hours to install (as much as we could). Or as much as Michael could, that is. He took care of  almost everything. I unloaded all the carts as they came up from the van, put everything in their proper places, unwrapped stuff, and I don’t know what else, but I was fucking beat. None of the paintings are hung yet. The museum staff said they would take care of that part.

I also reluctantly did an on-camera interview for Spectrum News. They shot me from the chest up, but I still should have said “no.” I did it because the museum curator, Andi Campognone asked me to do it and I’m sure it was important for the museum to get one of the artists on camera to promote the show, which is called Made in the Mojave. So far, from what I have seen at yesterday’s installation day, all the work is very good. I was drawn to a lot of it: Ron Pinkerton‘s photos are amazing, I loved those. And I really liked a variety of Samantha Fields‘ paintings.

Unfortunately, once I got there and started laying things out, I realized that I forgot two, count ’em two, oil paintings! I was so pissed at myself! I forgot Space Rabbit Ranch and Noah’s Chairs. Damn it!

I H-A-T-E that these are missing from the show. But what can I do? I have thought about shipping them out before the opening. I do not want to make the hour and a half drive out there before that. I haven’t been driving on my own much and I don’t think I can do it. Shipping would be the only real option. Or I can just get over it.

Other than that, I know I’ve mentioned a lot about my emotional state. I won’t get too far into it, but I’m still going through more medication changes and have been working with a small team of doctors. I won’t be doing any hospital stays because of insurance. I am still trying to get through this. Not out of the woods. I haven’t had much time to paint or even make that little artist’s book before the show because, well…I hate to admit it, but I did another re-write on my memoir — again. I know I said I wouldn’t do it. I know I said I was finished and done and I wouldn’t touch it again, but I just needed to be happy with it. It’s going to a new editor this week.

Another bit of news is that I almost sold my big studio easel and in fact, I really came really close. I agreed to it and was about to accept the money for it. Even the pick-up date was set. I backed out at the last minute. I felt really bad but the artist I was selling it to understood, thank God. And thank goodness I didn’t sell it. I also should not be making such decisions when I am depressed.

Well, I’m sore and I’m off to rest for a while. I will leisurely work on the Turtle House next Monday, nap and take baths the rest of this week.

I hope if you’re local(ish) you can make it to the reception of my solo show, the Exodus Project in the South Gallery at Lancaster MOAH: Saturday, May 13th, 4pm to 6pm.

Later gators.

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