I’ve been busy busy. Sorry I have been neglecting the blog, but so many things are on my plate and it’s hard to eat everything when I’m so full, bloated like a big fat whale.

The work for Tinney Contemporary in Nashville is done, but I am still packing it up to ship it off for next week. My flight is getting booked and everything seems to be on track for that. I am finally all put away at the new Rubber Soul studio and been getting back to work on my Los Angeles show. Unfortunately, the assistance I was counting on has gone by the wayside and it’s all on me to do all the little prep work and details that I planned on being out of my hair while I just made the art, so it seems every waking moment is committed to work work work – which is fine really. I have one task being done by my original assistant and if she can manage to do it, that might be enough of a saving grace for me. We shall see. I have definitely learned my lesson about paying people in advance though – never again.

I have actually planned out the time it will take me to complete all the work right up until my installation and I have exactly 65 days to complete 8 pieces of art. 2 are not yet started, 4 are just barely started, 1 is a touch up, and one is going to take a long time to complete. I’m a bit nervous.

In other news, as I have said before, my new book, Scribbles in a Sandstorm published by Chance Press is going to be available at my LA show. Inside the book features am additional little sketchbook on top of all the other prints and fold-out goodies this book has to offer. It’s going to be a beautiful handmade edition. I found out recently that they are also making some special smaller editions of just the sketchbook by itself in a variety of special editions at affordable rates, and even taking these to show at the San Francisco Zine Fest next month. I am not sure of their availability at this very moment because I think they may not be technically released until October and/or at the Zine Fest, but I do know that they take pre-orders. Feel free to contact them. Here is a pic of the different editions of the sketchbook versions of the book.

10 copies are “deluxe,” bound in fabriano paper with a mulberry dustjacket*, signed by me with an original sketch (ships with a gocco print on watercolor paper): $25
20 copies are “really nice,” bound in canson mi teintes with a mulberry dustjacket, signed by me (ships with a gocco print on defunct office stationery): $15
30 copies are “pretty nice,” bound in canson mi teintes: $7

Please email Jordan and/or Justine at books (at) chancepress (dot) com for more info.

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  1. Kel in NC August 17, 2010 / 4:43 am

    I love those sketchbooks

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