You Have Made it to Number 49

No, it is not my birthday. Believe it or not, after wrapping more than 250 pieces of art — that’s both mine and of my collection of others’ — and I have 49 left to go.

Last I wrote, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed, and I still am, but I do feel a bit better in a general sense. The landlord problems have been an incredible roller coaster ride and we still do not have a new place picked out. Meanwhile, time is ticking and we have no plan other than packing. Packing, packing, packing. Unending, but perhaps a good distraction. I get up every morning at 4:20 (Dude!) I can’t help it. My eyes just pop open and I am awake. I have coffee and I get to work. I don’t really stop until six or so. I’m not kidding. Now I have been feeling, well, as you can guess, pretty out of it. I’ve almost passed out in the last two days, so I am making sure I am sitting today (mostly). <<– I wrote this yesterday and now I realize I was just sick. So I’ve put myself in bed for a couple days.

As I get through the stock pile of my things, I happened to come across my drums. Yeah, those old things. I have even debated on and off about selling them. I know, it’s blasphemy, but I have not played them in a very long time. However, hear me now and listen to me later. Every time I come back to the subject seriously, I slam on the brakes and think, “Nooooo! I will NOT do it!” I’d rather put my artwork in a trashcan. Isn’t that odd? I think it is. If anything, I felt like they were stored in such a horrible manner that I wanted to invest in ATA flight cases so that they would be better sealed and preserved. Even though they have taken a beating time and time again, traveled all over the country and look like a gorilla played with them in a Samsonite commercial, I want to make amends to them. So I’ve spent a lot of time (too much time) looking for used cases online. I couldn’t find any, so now I am trying to design/engineer how a customized trunk would fit my whole set. As if I could afford that. I’m fucking nuts!

We’ve been waiting on news from a house we applied for and are going a little stir crazy biding our time. Meanwhile, as we look at other places, nothing is as good in comparison. I hate to put all my eggs in one basket but there’s just nothing out there right now that fits us. So I have been widening the scope from the West Side (which we can not afford) all the way past San Gabriel. Easterly we shall go I guess. I suppose I could also drop down a bit into Whittier or maybe head back into the San Fernando Valley. A whole other blog post. A whole other blog (and much later time and place).

Meanwhile, I’m making baby-step progress in the old studio.

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