More blabbering

Here is another new panel piece from the Black Hole series. I guess it’s a “series” now since I keep repeating myself. Perhaps all “series” is when an artist won’t shut up about something specific. I think that’s the technical definition anyway.

Speaking of defining things with stupid art language, this is a great little quiz on C-Monster. I finally got a few non-artist friends to see why I write in that stupid way that I do sometimes.

So I have no reason to be sad today. I am making some small sales from the Bookish show, and I just got word that Sweetnsour Pie was added to the Artists’ Book Collection at the Museum of Modern Art Library in New York. MOMA baby! Fucken-A! Woot-woot and a hoot ‘n a-hollar.

I had planned on making quite a few of these Black Hole panels, and I think I still will, but not on all these panels I recently purchased. I’m not going to name names, but the guy has usually made some very high quality things for me. This time I am pretty unhappy and can not bring myself to keep working as planned on the remainder of them. Unless I come into some money to replace them with my other guy’s panels, I’m going to have to go another way with these. It’s due to the birch finish I think, although, it could be the new sealer I used, or the thickness of the face of the panels — I’m not sure, but I just won’t try to make more of these. I do not like them Sam I am!

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