No Soup For You

I took my blog down at because, well, I am changing my life completely. I am not sure if I owe anyone an explanation for this, but I can tell you that I am currently going through a major transition. I lost my studio at Angels Gate, I moved out of San Pedro, and frankly, I am enjoying having my privacy back and building a new spiritual house, so to speak. It’s perfect timing for the High Holidays.

Writing is in my blood and soul, so I don’t think I will ever stop typing words and expressing my wit in the sparse moments when its sharp, but I will be constructing a shiny new fence that allows me my privacy, a clearer vision of autonomy vs. heteronomy, and how this is reflected in my public writings. It is a process after all.

I hope to write a little about my show in Houston, which was a truly wonderful experience. I’m just very busy at the moment and am unsure as to how much blogging I’ll be doing in the future, but I am sure it won’t be much.

4 thoughts on “No Soup For You

  1. Yaya Chou September 23, 2007 / 11:38 pm

    Changes in life are fun. Congrats on the new move~

  2. Elaine Mari September 27, 2007 / 9:12 am

    i will miss the suspense of wondering if this time i check in you will be a little happier. i enjoyed your blog with it’s grumblings and mumblings.

    thanks for the blogging.

  3. Melissa Sue October 15, 2007 / 1:52 pm

    as mentioned before, i love me some essy bloggins. here’s to change and happiness. xoxo

  4. juno October 28, 2007 / 4:23 am

    hi Carol
    just noticed you have a new blog, so glad i can say something in it 🙂
    i have to say i loved your old blog, the presentation and everything and i’ll miss it, but hey sometimes life needs a spring clean. whenever i got depressed instead of buying clothes i’d redesign my site, and i’ve done so many times that i’ve given up, i think i came to a situation of minimal presentation, concentrating on content (art work) rather than getting my site “new clothes” every other week.
    anyway, love the posts and the site and your work, lots of good luck with it all

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