Outside the Lines Signing: a Big Success!

Yesterday was the Outside the Lines signing at the MOCA Store on Grand Ave., which was a giant success! Hundreds came to get their coloring book signed by over 50 artists that were in attendance – including ME!


I had so much fun! Shepard Fairey was DJing the entire time, so I was dancing in my chair. He’s actually a great DJ! He knows how to kick it Old Skool. And I sat right between Young Kim and El Celso. To the right of Celso was Saelee Oh, and to the left of Young was Yuri Shimojo.

I think we were all a little overwhelmed at just how many people showed up.


Even when we first got there, which was early enough to get set up, collect our Adidas gifts (since they were one of the sponsors), there were already people there beginning to color on the wall of blown up pages.


I had mjp take my copy of the book, stand in every line possible, and get it signed by each of the artists – which was really nice of him since some of the lines were pretty damn long and even took up to an hour – either because of how popular the artist was, or how long they took to customize their inscription, or both. Late in the day, the MOCA Store ran out of books to sell, so people were just getting blank books to sign. I even signed blank sheets of paper, so artists were beginning to draw a lot of pictures rather than just sign their names. I mean, we felt bad for them, so, whatuya gonna do?


It was just about a year ago when Souris asked us all to participate in this endeavor – it is unbelievable that it finally all came together to be such a huge success, and the coloring book hasn’t even been out but a couple of weeks! And would you believe that all of this was inspired by one very special little girl? Lulu.


I just have to say that I am HONORED to be part of this project. Thank you to Souris and her entire family for this wonderful experience.



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