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Here are a few pics of my work at Nichols Berg Gallery in Philadelphia. The show runs until the end of April.

Looks like I will be participating in a group show in the summer at Mat Gleason’s new gallery, Coagula Curatorial. The show opens in June and the working title is called Pen and Ink People.

I am working on a bunch of new work. It’s all experimental, so I don’t know where it’s going yet, but it looks like it’s two different series. Oil paintings on canvases and linen, and mostly pencil work on birch wood. Sneak peek:

Carol Es

I also updated my ETSY store:

Still working on the infamous book. I’m about 70,000 words into the rough now. It’s such a major undertaking this process. It’s a work of creative non-fiction, as I’m calling it, because I don’t like calling it an autobiography. I’ve been working on it for over two years now, but since I got Scrivener about a year ago, I’ve been working on it a lot more regularly.

I started writing it backwards, starting with my 40th year. Then, I went back and wrote a full family history from before I was born – everything I knew about my parents’ stories and why they were the way they were. After that, I started writing from the age six and I’ve been writing chronologically ever since. I’m at age 15 now. All of it is beyond belief. It won’t start getting boring until I’m 30. That’s when the entirety of it all hits me. Then It’s going to turn into some kind of self-help book as I spent the next 10 years learning to leave my own house, re-drive a car, make friends and build a new career.

The book deals with so many subjects, I don’t know what section of the bookstore it will stocked in if it ever gets published, as it deals with abuse, neglect, family dysfunction, rape, molestation, drug abuse, emancipation, cults, rock n roll, bisexuality, gender identity, child labor laws, past lives, suicide, mental illness, disability, divorce, art, love, loss, death, religion, celebrities, sex, lies, blackmail, adultery, + + + … Personally, I think it should be in the Humor section.

I have been struggling between 3 different tiles.

Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley
Invisible Ink

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