stuff, stuff, stuff, ye-ah.

Recovering from the opening. Yes, it took a week. It’s going to take longer if you don’t mind. It’s 2 years of working like a fiend, then there’s this one night that goes by like a blur, then the earth stops moving and time stands still and you feel like a truck ran you over. It’s weird.

I stupidly did not bring a camera. All I have are pics gathered from what a couple of other people took. Chance Press waited until everyone cleared out for the night and took a few. Coagula Art Journal took a pic of me in front of a painting for their Weekend Bender feature that they do on their blog. Other than that, I don’t have any great images of the night with crowds of people, but you’ll have to trust me that they were there. My voice got horse talking so much. Many people seemed to really like the new stuff – at least they said so. I was actually happy with how it all looked. (Now that’s not something I would usually tout!) People came in waves, but there always seemed to be enough people in the gallery to keep my gums flapping. I was happy that the work was so well received. A relief really. Everyone loved Dan. And Machine was the favorite.

I’m already getting a bit busy again. I am in a group show that opens tomorrow at Angels Gate Cultural Center called To Live and Draw in LA:

I should also mention that there is a great little article out about me in this new issue of Artillery Art Mag, a studio visit with Jack Chipman back when I still had Moppet.

I am going to be in a show called Soft that was organized/curated by Edith Abeyta at Future Studio and that opens on December 11th:

And I just got word that I will be participating in a show at the Finegood Gallery at the JCC at Milken in West Hills, California called, Jewish Ritual: Rethinking, Renewed. I will be making a few new pieces on manila pattern paper for that show.

What I am very much looking forward to is the upcoming publication of my very first book of poems from Bottle of Smoke Press in 2011. I am just now starting on the artwork for this. I have waited until I had focused time to do so. The title of this book is Monsters on Jasmine St. It’s just a few poems with accompanying artwork. The edition is limited to 50 paperback, letterpress covers and 26 lettered hardcovers.

Okay bye!

2 thoughts on “stuff, stuff, stuff, ye-ah.

  1. hoochmonkey9 November 7, 2010 / 10:04 am

    nice one on the BOSP book.


  2. Kel November 9, 2010 / 9:17 am

    It looked like a great time Carol. And u forgot the

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