The Pre Dan Night

I’ve been watching the last of Season 2 of Mad Men all weekend, whilst finishing up a few little paintings I’ve had sitting around the house. I’ve got a lot of small pieces cooking at once and they are all making me smile a lot. Because the truth is, is that I have a new friend in my life. I know it sounds weird, but he has entered into my world though my recent sketches. His name is Dan. I’ll introduce you to him soon. I’ll even answer questions about him if needed. I mean, as much as I can. Not everything about Dan is knowable, but he sure seems magical in this moment in time. I’m glad he’s here in my life, helping me, guiding me, and giving me a new reason to make art.

Just a couple weeks left to print my new etching at SHG and then I can go spend some much needed time in Joshua Tree with Dan and my family, and see where it’s all going to take me. I’m very curious.

In the meantime, I got word that 1-SELF is going to be in a book arts group show at the Geisel Library at the University of California at San Diego May 29 through July 4th. They are even printing a full color catalog for the show. I’m so happy!

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