The Purge Project

Today I was sweeping my hairy floors. I have 2 dogs now. Only one of them sheds. And boy does he shed. Aside from that, there are roofers working on the roof and they are banging dirt and dust from the ceiling onto the floor and it’s just been dusty and dirty around here and for some reason that makes me nervous. Dust bunnies, hairballs, disarray, debris, chaos, disorganization, clutter, loud noises, and accumulation of too much stuff just drives me a little mad and today I just got to a sort of breaking point – all from sweeping and looking at it all. I realized, from moving all my things out of the way, I have too much stuff. It’s not junk or anything though, it’s all stuff I like and am attached to, but I don’t know how it’s got to this point already. I’ve only lived in this house a couple years and I’m already feeling weighed down. I got to thinking I should start going through everything and see if I could rid myself of most of it.

Then there are all these paintings I make. How do I keep from creating these things? I can’t. But one thing that has changed in the last year and a half is the time it takes me to make them. I am not making art at the same rate I used to, so in some small way, I am not cluttering up the earth as much as I used to, if I am looking at it in that regard (which I am!), and this makes me feel a little bit better about slowing down.

Cut to the chase, I had this stupid idea to start giving things away, one item at a time on my blog. It might be a book, a toy, art, a t-shirt, whatever. I’m pretty attached to everything, so each item will have some kind of story or description. Maybe someone reading will want it. I can get people to post comments this way. First comment gets the item – something like that? They just have to pay for the shipping. Maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew, but it could be an interesting experiment. Alas, it could take years to rid myself of my worldly possessions this way, but maybe when it comes time to move again, I’ll be able to pile everything I own into a small clown car and do it in one trip.

3 thoughts on “The Purge Project

  1. Kel in NC February 19, 2010 / 9:20 pm

    you should see my place.

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  3. babinette September 3, 2014 / 6:04 pm

    I also have too much stuff. Good idea to start giving it away. I am happy that I am second at posting, therefore I don’t get anything.

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