Trying to Paint

I’ve been trying to paint a little, but it’s been slightly painful, still! I’m five weeks post-op, and you’d think I’d be able to do a little more, but I’m impatient. 

I can paint super small watercolors. Even when I started trying to cover more than 10 inches of paper with paint, it started to hurt under my armpits. The stretching and the pressure are still too much. It felt like I was pulling stitches. So I have to stay super small. 

I made a couple of small abstracts and landscapes. Here they are:

Abstract Study 2, 6 x 4 inches:

Landscape Study 1, 6 x 9 inches:

Joshua Tree Park, 6 x 9 inches:

Abstract Study 3, 11 x 7 inches (this was too large for me, but I got through it):

Cliffs, 9 x 6 inches:

Cliffs was/is a total experiment and different for me. It is based on the cliffs in Arizona. I may add to it later, but I’m not sure. 

I think of all of these I like the first landscape study, and it probably went the fastest. I didn’t think about it, which reminds me that the class I’m building is probably a great idea for many different people. They’ll be able to relate, especially with all the insecurities I’m always facing. I’m sure a lot of people go through the same thing.

I also got some exciting news. The Rappahannock Review will be featuring my art in its next issue (May). A literary journal out of Mary Washington University, it is published by their creative writing program. It will include a few of my Joshua Tree paintings, and I’ll be on the cover too. 

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