What the Heels Been Going On?

Lots and lots. There’s never a dull moment around here. Just dull people.

Lists and lists. I’m trying to stay away from them, but they are still going on, but I’m glad to say they are tapering off a bit. I have Xed out so many out of the four pages I made for myself. So what’s left? Some things won’t make sense to you, but I can help you a little by telling you that I am back on the artist book I started what? Two years ago? Houses. I’m finishing up my back yard, tying up loose ends, I’m about to fix up Arctic Memory, and have a few new projects coming in from the back burners. That kind of means… Old chapbooks become new again. You’ll see.

McMannus & Morgan
Letterpress plates
Santa Barbara Sage
Watercolor Pages
Pay Bills
Finish Edition Tags
Embellish etchings
Wire grid the climbers
Letter to Elizabeth
Prep Panels
Arctic Memory
Cut flower paper
4 digital red/blue pages
8 digital/embellished pages
Print Giclees
7 Gouache pages
8 pencil/ink/embroidery pages
Print colophon

And that’s my last page of shit-to-do.

Yesterday, I finished the Colophon for Houses. Wanna read it? Of course you do!

Houses is based on a poem written by Carol Es, copyright and published by Careless Press, © 2013. Special thanks to Bill Roberts, Stephanie Mercado, and Poli Marichal. This handmade book is limited to a signed edition of eight copies, all slightly varied.


Four of the inside pages, plus the front and back covers were letterpressed by Bill Roberts of Bottle of Smoke Press, Dover, DE. The two etchings were printed at Paper Doll Press in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA (thanks Stephanie) with Master Printer Poli Marichal.


Papers used throughout are Artistico Fabriano, Rives BFK, Strathmore Artagain, Mohawk Superfine text, Moab Kayenta 205 gsm., various cereal boxes, and imported flower-pressed and gold, imported handmade papers from Nepal.


Each book contains an original drawing on black paper, a hand die-cut cover, two original watercolor paintings, four digital pages in Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks – although one of them (the one with the grass) is embellished by hand, two etchings, a block print and a Sumi ink painting on gold paper, and one original pencil and ink drawing with sparse embroidery with bits of linen fabric. Each book also includes a 5 x 5 inch, full color Giclée print of the painting, “Home is Near the Sea” on hot pressed Aqvarelle Arches watercolor paper. Originally 30 x 30 inches, this painting was created in 2001 in oil and paper collage on canvas. The print slips out from an acid-free, laid paper pocket adhered to the page.


Pages of this book are French folds, with the exception of the end papers. The binding was stab bound by Carol Es with waxed linen thread from Ireland.

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