Workin’ Away

I’ve been back at work lately. I’m surprised. And I’m pleased as punch.

I’ve only been working on small watercolors, but that’s fine for now. Range of motion and all that. I like a couple of them. Some are decent, I guess. I’ve done a few more since Landwalker, which is what I named this one:

I did another Joshua Tree scene and a few abstracts. This one I entitled, Rainbow Connection

Here’s an abstract I’m calling Not a Black Sun:

This one is, The Giant Beautiful, which comes from a dream I had a long time ago:

And another from my bedside sketchbook called, Transporting the Gifting Tree:

So today I feel pretty accomplished. This morning I took a walk for twenty minutes, which is a lot for me right now. Before the surgery, I was walking practically two miles every day. It took me a year to work my way up to that. Now I have to start all over again, but I’m sure it will go much faster this time. I haven’t walked at all in two months while recovering, but now I have clearance to exercise a bit. 

When I came home from my walk, I wood-stained a little box that I’m going to keep all my important papers in. I’ve been using an antique metal tackle box for some years that I got on eBay, but it’s really squeaky and icky. I decided I just wanted something nicer.  

Now it kind of matches my Gerstner box, the one where I keep my watercolors and tools. It’s enough to travel with. Hannah and I made it from scratch. It was actually a kit we got from the Gerstner company–much cheaper than buying one of their finished boxes. And it was fun project to do together. 

Anyway, I did all of that before 9:30 in the morning, so now I can go back to making more little paintings…or maybe even take a rest.

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