Monday Blather

I’ve managed only one new watercolor in the last few days, but at least that’s something. 

That’s in addition to these five. But this new one has grown on me as one of my better ones, I think. It was tough not to add one mark of ink or colored pencil to it and keep it a “pure” watercolor piece. I’m glad I kept it plain.

I will do more like this, but I got busy over the weekend—not that I usually paint on weekends—but I had to change over computers. If you’ve ever done this, you know what an ultimate pain in the ass it is. 

Sure, it’s super cool to get a new machine, but it takes a long time to transfer all your files and reinstall programs from scratch. I’d been organizing my files in my spare time for the last few weeks because I knew the computer was coming, but alas (because I only got a new machine and not a new monitor), I had to go back to my old computer at least once to pull out more shit that I forgot. 

I set the old one aside for now, and hopefully, I won’t have to go back to it any time soon. Then I can wipe it and donate it somewhere. It’s still a good computer. It’s a Lenovo Think Station. But now I have one of those Dell solid-state computers, and it runs faster than lightning.

Now, if only I were a solid-state painter kickin’ out paintings as fast as everyone else on Instagram. I swear, looking on Instagram makes me feel so inadequate. I should probably stop looking on there, but I love looking at art. There’s so much of it that’s good and inspiring. It does motivate me, but I also feel like a failure about how little I produce in comparison. 

I’m also jealous of other artist’s studios. I miss my past workspaces with large, blank walls and lots of square footage where I could spread out, contemplate, paint a little bigger, and have more surface furniture and easels. I wish I had a cement floor to roll my cart around and not have to worry about getting a drop of paint on the floor (I rent here).

But someone pointed out that I have lots of natural light, and that’s very true. And at least I have a whole room. 

For me, it’s a few things. Working out of the house also makes studio visits problematic. I don’t like strangers or even acquaintances in my house. I’m funny about that. Maybe to a fault. I keep a PO box for a reason. As much as I like working in my pajamas, I like having a professional place to meet people where I have autonomy and privacy. I miss that.

Since I’ve lived here, I’ve had very few people come to my home. I’m not too fond of it. I don’t expect other people to fully appreciate my quirks or how much I value my privacy, but most people don’t, and most (or some) people overstep boundaries without thinking. It’s the same with having a relationship pushed on you that you don’t want. Yeah, that happens. And rest assured, you’ll be resented for having such prerogatives. For whatever reason, you’re some kind of monster—shame on you for feeling your feelings. 

Gah! Well, I’ve obviously digressed…

So, in other news, the Rappahannock Review 8.2 issue where my art is featured is finally out. You can check it out here

I’m still ironing out how I’m going to make the online drawing class. I think I will film an introduction where I talk into the camera. (Yeesh!) Then the lesson I can shoot from overhead. I’m still writing it out, though. I also have to figure out what to charge for it. Any ideas? I’m open to hearing people’s thoughts on this. 

I recently took an introductory painting class that was something like $60, but I got in for $27. That was what I was thinking of charging, like $25. But I have to think about it, I guess.

On the surgery front, I’m feeling much better the last few days. That’s damn great news if you ask me. I wasn’t able to see a light there for a while. But I see it now, and I’m heading there. 

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