Well, I haven’t written a blog post since I updated my website. Here is the “Press Release” for those of you that missed it:

Los Angeles, CA – Okay, I have now officially launched my new, improved website after two years in the making (yes, it took that long!). If you thought my site was cool before, wait until you experience the new features and content now. You’re going to poop your pants!

My trusty partner (a.k.a. mjp) and I have finally managed to create an entirely new and original design with fun and user-friendly navigation. The site is still sleek and simple, using my own handwriting and personality – that part doesn’t go away. Over 880 original artworks are displayed on top of a database that presents each and every category of artwork in easy-to-see, bite-sized sections. PLUS, there is now a NEW search engine, making everything you might be looking for that much easier!

Books, prints, paintings and works on paper are now more bitchen to view and/or purchase with a simple mouse click. Additional features include the options to view descriptions of the art. They are not all there yet however. Keep in mind I am writing 880 of these. Some are just process notes, while others are stories, inspirations, and anecdotes written by yours truly. Individual displays of each work include little rulers and yardsticks to give you better insight as to the size of each piece. Viewers also have the ability to Like, Tweet, +1, or Pin individual artworks to their favorite social media networks. Woo hoo!

Everything you’d ever want to know about me and my art is a cinch to view, including my blog, and an inside look at my past and present studio spaces. As always, you can still sign up for my seasonal newsletter to get updates on exhibitions, and a personal account of my hair-pulling progress on the various, ongoing projects I subject myself to. has been in existence since 1996. Do you know how old that is in dog years? It’s had its trademark “look” for the last 12 years, if you can believe it. It was high time for a redesign. So take a look and poke around. Tell me what you think! I’m usually around.

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