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The new website launch is coming next week! I am very excited about it and think you might be too. We (MJP and I) are just putting all the last minute touches on it, and running multiple tests before it all goes live. I’m shooting for Thursday, but it’s a kind of wait-and-see kinda thing.

I am in a new group show at George Billis Gallery called Colorful Antics, which opens next Saturday! It’s from 5 – 8 PM. I will be at the opening early, then I’m off to a close friend’s 50th birthday dinner. I hope some of you can make the opening, but if not, definitely try and see this show – it’s spectacularly fun!

I will be showing some new, and not-so-new, work along side of Derek Buckner, Yaya Chou, Stanley Goldstein, Tom Gregg, Kathy Halper, Duane Paul, Charlotte Smith, Barbara Strasen and Trine Wejp-Olsen. Here is the invite:


I also just finished my first painting of 2013. It’s a small, oil on canvas abstract that’s 16 x 20 inches. See?:


I am also going to be in a very special show at the Hebrew Union College at USC on the 14th, called “Intersecting Paths: Art & Healing,” curated by Georgia Freedman-Harvey. Georgia has been working with the Kalsman Institute on Judaism & Health with Cedars-Sinai, who is the co-sponsor of the exhibit. I will have quite a few paintings in this show, along with many other wonderful artists with candid, in-depth stories about both the process of creating their art, and the various reasons the works reveal healing components.

The opening for this show is February 20th, and there is going to be an online catalog that will be launching this month to accompany the show. The website will then become a permanent part of the Kalsman Institute’s website, which will also include a resource section with organizations that offer art programs/projects that promote healing.

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