A Month Away

Today is “day 10” for the time I’d allocated to work on the garage space. I’m still prepping it for the upcoming open studios tour beginning October 9th.

Organizing the mess has been one thing; figuring out how to place art is another since there’s realIy no wall space.

Maybe I’ve mentioned it before (or not?), but I am not using the side of the garage with the door that leads into the house (by my flat files, pictured here).


I’m blocking access to this side but am still going to organize it at least. People will be able to see back there. A table will block them from walking through there though.

I’ll also use the front of the garage when the big door is open to the street where people will enter. I’ll have portfolio books of works on paper on a card table.

The above picture is from ten days ago. I’ve been in there most days trying to make it acceptable and “welcoming” ever since. But I just don’t know. It’s still no Taj mahal.

However, here’s what I did today–pinned drawings and prints to the wall (inexpensive stuff). I’m using my giant drum case to display smaller paintings on easels, as well as some Artist’s books, hoping that will be interesting. I kinda put together a hodge-podge of everything. I feel less pressure to make a bunch of new stuff, but I’ll still draw as many Joshua Trees as I can before the event.


I’m going to need access to my wrapped art on this side of the tiny bit of space I’m using. So all this will be a little more organized, but this area is basically going to look like this, sans the easel and the crap that’s on the floor. Still, not very exciting for guests.


The space I’m using is like a little hallway where the HVAC is. This is what bugs me the most I think. I’m hanging bigger work on hooks from the rack shelves opposite my storage shelves in hopes I can hide all the household storage junk. It still looks funky as all hell.

But you can still see all the ductwork from that HVAC. There’s just no way to cover that monstrosity up except by putting a couple of big paintings on easels in front of it. I only have so many easels and no really large paintings here. They are being displayed elsewhere right now. From this picture I took today, here you can get an idea of what I’m trying to do. It’s not exactly working to my standards.


So is it all as awful as I think? Acceptable? -Ish? I guess it’s going to have to be.

By the way, I updated my News Page.

2 thoughts on “A Month Away

  1. Hannah September 10, 2021 / 12:53 pm

    No one is going to be looking at your HVAC ducts. No one will care. They will be looking at the art.

    • Ayin Es September 10, 2021 / 1:34 pm

      What if I care?

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