As of Late

I recently wrote a post about what I’ve been up to as of late–working on the SEO for my website. It’s been taking some time because my site is so monstrous, but that’s not the only thing happening around here.

Not too many days ago, I was interviewed by artist, Ted Meyer for Our Heart Speaks, a resource for individuals living with chronic medical conditions and disabilities. He’s been mostly interviewing artists. I’m honored to be one of them. You can check out the interviews, including mine, on their YouTube channel HERE.

I’ve also been taking images of my studio, mostly because I was asked to for the video that Ted was putting together, and because I submitted to this interesting series on Hyperallergic about artists working in their studios during the quarantine. My artist friend, Trine Churchill told me about it. I don’t know if mine has been accepted yet, but here’s a shot of my studio, and a little film of me wandering through my back yard.

I’ve already written a blog post for another day about getting into galleries in my younger day. I wrote it a while ago. I haven’t had time to post it yet, but I will. I promise.

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