Brain on Fire

I’ve been up to my cerebellum in website work for the last week or so. My brain is on fire from writing code in TextPad on nearly 200 manual pages on my site, and that’s not even every page on

My site has over 1150 pages in total. Michael handled the bulk of the automated pages. However, all this time, the SEO was not up to date, and not even up to par. We’re kind of ashamed to admit it. Michael is an expert in this field, and it’s kind of like that saying about how the shoemaker’s children don’t have shoes or wear shitty shoes or something like that.

I used to have pretty high rankings on Google before I moved to Joshua Tree, but then I changed a lot of my header code and took out references to Los Angeles, which was dumb since I’m still from there. I think that change screwed me a little, so now it’s back in there.

A lot more information is there now. Not only that, but we’ve also been making each page distinct so that everything is more relevant. Google likes proper descriptions. But trying to wrap your mind around how to title, describe, and keyword every page can be grueling. It starts to fry your brains after many, many hours of writing that shit into the code and re-uploading it back into the correct directories. Though, I don’t think Google cares about keywords anymore. I put them in there anyway, just for yucks. Maybe they’ll come back into favor.

My images didn’t have alt tags either if you can believe it. You need those! I mean, I had generic ones, like “Carol Es,” but what good is that? And to tell the truth, I was a little lazy in doing this task the last few days in that I made unique alt tags for the manual pages–pages that had a theme, but I copy and pasted those throughout the same page, i.e., pictures of the same book. That’s still better than it was.

For those of you that don’t build websites from scratch, I’ve probably lost you, but many of you know what I’m talking about, and if you do somewhat, maybe all this stuff is helpful to you. You’re welcome.

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