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I’ve been working on writing the new fall newsletter the past few days, so if you’re not on the list, sign up because I’m going to send it out real soon.

It’s been tough getting anything done now that I have a puppy. I can’t write anything without being interrupted, so basically, I can’t write anything worth a grain of salt. My plans to work on my stories or the new book has been more than difficult–I use words like “difficult” instead of eloquently describing how hard it’s been. I have no mind for a vocabulary. Adjectives disappear into the ether, and spellcheck is my only solace.

I usually try not to use spellcheck. I know that’s silly in this day and age, but I hate getting into the habit of relying on it. Typos are one thing, but I constantly misspell specific words, and I HATE that! Sometimes, I’ll find myself looking for a different word to avoid having to type those recurring words, then I’ll catch myself doing that and go back and make myself type it on purpose. Then I’ll misspell it, again! These are not particularly hard words either. They are words like “decision” and “thoroughly.” Those get me every time.

Anyway. The puppy. Peanut. We adopted her a couple weeks ago and she cries all the time if she’s not being entertained, or held, or something. She is not trained in any way shape, or form. She’s had four homes already, so her past has sucked ass. We got her from a rescue in Temecula, a couple hours away, but she was originally at the shelter up here in the high desert. The first owner apparently relinquished her because she was chasing his chickens. I didn’t particularly want a dog that chased small animals because we have wild bunnies here, everywhere, but she will never be free to do such things. She’ll be leashed, in a dogrun, or at a dog park. Period.

In the mean time, she can hardly walk on a leash. We are trying to crate train her. It requires a lot of patience. She’s scared of every little sound too. But this week, she’s been coming out of her shell a bit, and at the dog park, she behaves like a normal, fun little pup and loves to play with other dogs. She runs faster than a greyhound. It’s quite incredible really.

Okay, I’m one of those people that won’t shut up about their dog. Sorry.

I’m working on a small commission for a child and loving it. I love doing stuff like that. I’m also making some plans for a few other pieces–abstracts. I was going to talk about my process on those and show a couple of my preliminary images, but maybe I’ll do that in my next blog post. I took up too much time talking about my new doggie and not complaining about my mental health for a change.

Back to finishing up my newsletter.

2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Cece November 23, 2019 / 9:10 am

    Hugs Carol. It’s your blog, you can say as much about whatever you want. All our lives are important ~ even our puppies. So glad you got Peanut.
    You were mentioned on Tony’s today by ISNOINews about an hour ago but took me this long to find you

    • Carol Es November 23, 2019 / 10:11 am

      Hi Cece! I will look for it, thanks for the heads up. Are you on my mailing list? Do you want to be? I just sent out a newsletter yesterday. I send them out 4x a year. Thank you for your words! I appreciate it. 🙂 <3

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