Light Bulb

I should have added a couple more items of interest to the entry I just posted a few minutes ago, In All the Other New(s), but I forgot! Ha! I haven’t been “promoting” many of my recent blog posts to Facebook, G+ or Twitter lately because I’ve been out of my mind, depressed and I also know I’ve been blathering a bit too much. I didn’t want to bombard everyone with too much of me (me, me, me), but I promise to post this entry to social media. You’ll see.

I forgot to announce that I’ve been posting “blasts from the pasts,” or rather, older paintings (and I mean real old) on my ello account in case anyone is interested. It’s been kind of fun to fish them out and determine what to post and what not to. I’ve also found a lot of interesting images – some higher resolution of older paintings that could go on my site eventually. A lot of my early work is not on the site, especially in cases where I sold the work; I wouldn’t bother to take good pictures of the art. Now that I’m thinking of possibly spring cleaning out the ones that are not sold, I’m probably going to need better pictures.

I should also mention that my readers have probably missed All in Black too, where I announce that my short story, Maybe Magic Things is on Goodreads. And maybe you also haven’t read Loose Ends, where I posted another older painting (The Fool), though, I didn’t actually express that I sort of-kind of wanted to give it away to the highest offer. That is, if you are an interested offer-er.

Is anyone paying attention now?

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